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Skagit 911 is looking for energetic and motivated individuals seeking a career in public safety!

Essential job functions include enhanced critical thinking, recent and high performing computer/keyboard skills and the ability to function in a fast paced environment. Accepted candidates will receive a base salary of $19.75 per hour with medical benefits as an in-house trainee.

Full-time employees (non-trainees) enjoy a generous pay and benefits package; to include a salary of $20 -$30 per hour; vacation, holiday and sick leave; generous medical, dental, vision and life insurance, long term disability, retirement plans, longevity benefits, continuous training and professional development opportunities. Applications and requirements are available at

Hiring Process starts on May 11th, 2018 and closes on June 1st, 2018

Welcome to Skagit 911

Skagit 911 is an Emergency Communications Center.  When you call 9-1-1 in Skagit County, you reach employees of Skagit 911.  From there, Dispatchers/Call-Takers take the information you provide them and advise the appropriate law, fire, or EMS department(s).  Skagit 911 provides radio dispatching for all Law Enforcement Agencies, all Fire Departments, all Emergency Medical Services in Skagit County, and even North Cascades National Parks Service.

In addition, Skagit 911's mission is to provide the most efficient means of dispatching emergency response units throughout Skagit County to better serve the citizens and protect life and property: “Respect, Protection and Safety for all in our community”.

Upcoming Meetings

Board of Directors

Skagit 911's managing board, the Board of Director's meeting, will be conducting an Open Public Meeting on March 14th, 2018 at 1pm in the Skagit County Commissioner's Hearing Room.

For the Board of Directors meeting's agenda, please click the link below:

The agenda has not yet been created.

Critical Incident Updates

There are no critical incidents at this time.

About Skagit 911

Located in Skagit County, Washington, Skagit 911 is your community emergency communications expert. From critical incident updates to public record requests. Services for all critical & non critical emergencies, we cover it all.