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Critical Incident Updates

**UPDATE 5/31/19 at 8:00am PST** All issues with Verizon wireless has been resolved and all cellphone users can now contact Skagit 911 by dialing 9-1-1, 360-336-3131 or 360-428-3211.

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**Attention Verizon Cellphone Users** As of 12:38am on May 31st, 2019, Verizon wireless customers are unable to contact Skagit 911 by dialing 9-1-1, 360-336-3131 or 360-428-3211.   Washington State's 911 office has been notified and is working on a solution.  At this time please use an alternate phone or a landline to contact Skagit 911 with an emergency and dial 9-1-1, 360-336-3131 or 360-428-3211 until the problem is resolved.  An update will be posted once available.

Welcome to Skagit 911

Skagit 911 is an Emergency Communications Center.  When you call 9-1-1 in Skagit County, you reach employees of Skagit 911.  From there, Dispatchers/Call-Takers take the information you provide them and advise the appropriate law, fire, or EMS department(s).  Skagit 911 provides radio dispatching for all Law Enforcement Agencies, all Fire Departments, all Emergency Medical Services in Skagit County, and even North Cascades National Parks Service.

In addition, Skagit 911's mission is to provide the most efficient means of dispatching emergency response units throughout Skagit County to better serve the citizens and protect life and property: “Respect, Protection and Safety for all in our community”.


Upcoming Meetings

Skagit 911's governing board, the Board of Directors, will be meeting on May 8th, 2019 at 1:00pm in the Skagit County Commissioner's Hearing Room.

For the agenda for the upcoming meeting, please select the link below:

Board of Directors - May 8th - Agenda


Upcoming Events

Please join Skagit 911 and other public safety agencies for SAFETY and PREPAREDNESS DAY on August 7th (10am to 4pm) at the 2019 Skagit County Fair located at the Skagit County Fairgrounds in Mount Vernon!! There will be exciting prizes, fun activities, and the best part - lots of information on how to keep you and your family safe and prepared!

For more information about the 2019 Skagit County Fair, go to:


Code Red

Live in Skagit County?  Work in Skagit County?  Have family that lives in or works in Skagit County?

If you answered yes, you may want to consider signing up for Skagit County's new emergency notification system, "CodeRed"!  With CodeRed, Skagit 911 and Skagit County DEM (Department of Emergency Management) can notify you in the case of emergencies.  When you sign up for CodeRed you can either select areas within Skagit County you would like to be notified about or select the entire county.  Signing up is easy too!  You can sign up with your Google, Facebook or Twitter account for a quick and easy sign up!  If you don't have a Google, Facebook or Twitter account, you can sign up with any email address.

To sign up and receive Skagit County emergency notifications, please click the "CodeRed" icon above!